House of X: Dual Run and Nips and Tucks


Tuesday, May 1:  This was a really good day, as we got to run the piece twice with various shifts, additions, changes, developments. The running preamble to the sculpture sequence seems to work really well: it’s exciting to see all these near-collisions that are totally choreographed. I made some more nips and tucks to Apocrypha, and changed Tower of Babel: they do the first part of the dance, then recite most of the text as though they are at a cocktail party; they then resume the dance steps to exit the sequence.

The rest of the piece is subjected to the same adjustments and revisions. One of these that works really well is the paired set about the Mother Goddess, Who Is Like Thee… and What I Gave You…: the women enter as goddesses as Graham circles upstage. After they dress him and make him up they send him off down the vom, as though out into the world as a woman. The women’s exit is at the same tempo as the entrance, which gives Graham time to get the lipstick off and join the slow-motion fighting on God the Son.

At the end of the second run I make the wistful observation that—for the most part—I really haven’t challenged my assumption going into this: that this kind of performance works best when the text is not kinetically engaged; when movers and speakers are not the same performer. Maybe it’s time to reconfigure that assumption?

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