House of X: Music Revisions


Thursday, April 26:  I realize I don’t want to use any more of the text from this collection, as no other poem can play a part in the overall conceptual and thematic thrust of the “play” as we have devised it. This is the order at this point:

  • The Origin of Pen’s Black Arts
  • Apocrypha of Light
  • Adam and Eve and the Snake Dance
  • The Start of the Blues
  • What the Snake Brings to the World
  • God’s Yes and No
  • The Sacrifice of Abraham
  • God the Father
  • Tower of Babel
  • Original Sin (The First Woman and The Fall of Eve interleaved)
  • God the Mother
  • Who Is Like Thee, Doing Wonders?
  • What I Gave You, Truly
  • God the Son
  • Dinah, Jacob’s Daughter
  • Humiliation Quadrille
  • God the Daughter


  1. God’s Mouth
  2. God’s Feet
  3. His Eyes
  4. His Hands
  5. God’s Ear
  6. Untitled
  7. God’s Heart
  8. God’s Bones
  9. Who Is She, Then?

Some of these I know will work really well; others have yet to be tried. I hope to find places to use pure movement sequences to the piece—which will give the musicians more space to contribute to the work—but I don’t want to do that arbitrarily, and end up with filler.

The day—our third with musicians in for two hours in the afternoon—is spent working, revising, looking at transitions, etc.

Past Production Posters

This Is A Dance